A queue as a procedure with local state

Instead of representing a queue as a pair of pointers, we can build a queue as a procedure with local state. The local state will consist of pointers to the beginning and the end of an ordinary list. Thus, the make-queue procedure will have the form

(define (make-queue)
  (let ((front-ptr ...)
        (rear-ptr ...))
    <definitions of internal procedures>
    (define (dispatch m) ...)

Complete the definition of make-queue and provide implementations of the queue operations using this representation.

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(define q (make-queue))

((q 'insert-queue!) 'a)
(check-equal? (q 'front-queue) 'a)

((q 'insert-queue!) 'b)
(check-equal? (q 'front-queue) 'a)

(q 'delete-queue!)
(check-equal? (q 'front-queue) 'b)