Horner's rule

Evaluating a polynomial in x at a given value of x can be formulated as an accumulation. We evaluate the polynomial


using a well-known algorithm called Horner's rule, which structures the computation as


In other words, we start with aₙ , multiply by x and so on, until we reach a₀ . Fill in the following template to produce a procedure that evaluates a polynomial using Horner's rule. Assume that the coefficients of the polynomial are arranged in a sequence, from a₀ through aₙ .

(define (horner-eval x coefficient-sequence)
  (accumulate (lambda (this-coeff higher-terms) <??>)

For example, to compute 1 + 3x + 5x³ + x⁵ at x = 2 you would evaluate

(horner-eval 2 (list 1 3 0 5 0 1))

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