Squarer as a primitive constraint

Ben Bitdiddle tells Louis that one way to avoid the trouble in exercise 3.34 is to define a squarer as a new primitive constraint. Fill in the missing portions in Ben's outline for a procedure to implement such a constraint:

(define (squarer a b)
  (define (process-new-value)
    (if (has-value? b)
        (if (< (get-value b) 0)
            (error "square less than 0 -- SQUARER" (get-value b))
  (define (process-forget-value) <body1>)
  (define (me request) <body2>)
  <rest of definition>

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(define (inform-about-value constraint)
  (constraint 'I-have-a-value))
(define (inform-about-no-value constraint)
  (constraint 'I-lost-my-value))

(define (has-value? connector)
  (connector 'has-value?))
(define (get-value connector)
  (connector 'value))
(define (set-value! connector new-value informant)
  ((connector 'set-value!) new-value informant))
(define (forget-value! connector retractor)
  ((connector 'forget) retractor))
(define (connect connector new-constraint)
  ((connector 'connect) new-constraint))

(define (for-each-except exception procedure list)
  (define (loop items)
    (cond ((null? items) 'done)
          ((eq? (car items) exception) (loop (cdr items)))
          (else (procedure (car items))
                (loop (cdr items)))))
  (loop list))

(define (make-connector)
  (let ((value false) (informant false) (constraints '()))
    (define (set-my-value newval setter)
      (cond ((not (has-value? me))
             (set! value newval)
             (set! informant setter)
             (for-each-except setter
            ((not (= value newval))
             (error "Contradiction" (list value newval)))
            (else 'ignored)))
    (define (forget-my-value retractor)
      (if (eq? retractor informant)
          (begin (set! informant false)
                 (for-each-except retractor
    (define (connect new-constraint)
      (if (not (memq new-constraint constraints))
          (set! constraints 
                (cons new-constraint constraints)))
      (if (has-value? me)
          (inform-about-value new-constraint))
    (define (me request)
      (cond ((eq? request 'has-value?)
             (if informant true false))
            ((eq? request 'value) value)
            ((eq? request 'set-value!) set-my-value)
            ((eq? request 'forget) forget-my-value)
            ((eq? request 'connect) connect)
            (else (error "Unknown operation -- CONNECTOR"

(define a (make-connector))
(define b (make-connector))
(squarer a b)

(set-value! a 10 'test)
(check-equal? (get-value b) 100)

(forget-value! a 'test)
(set-value! a 4 'test)
(check-equal? (get-value b) 16)