Make-from-mag-ang constructor in message-passing style

Implement the constructor make-from-mag-ang in message-passing style. This procedure should be analogous to the make-from-real-imag procedure given above.

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(define (apply-generic op arg) (arg op))

(define (get-real-part val)
  (apply-generic 'real-part val))

(define (get-imag-part val)
  (apply-generic 'imag-part val))

(define (get-magnitude val)
  (apply-generic 'magnitude val))

(define (get-angle val)
  (apply-generic 'angle val))

(define magnitude 2)
(define angle 90.0)

(define test-value (make-from-mag-ang magnitude angle))

(check-equal? (get-magnitude test-value) magnitude)
(check-equal? (get-angle test-value) angle)
(check-equal? (get-real-part test-value) (* magnitude (cos angle)))
(check-equal? (get-imag-part test-value) (* magnitude (sin angle)))