Permanent-set! assignment

Implement a new kind of assignment called permanent-set! that is not undone upon failure. For example, we can choose two distinct elements from a list and count the number of trials required to make a successful choice as follows:

(define count 0)
(let ((x (an-element-of '(a b c)))
      (y (an-element-of '(a b c))))
  (permanent-set! count (+ count 1))
  (require (not (eq? x y)))
  (list x y count))
;;; Starting a new problem
;;; Amb-Eval value:
(a b 2)
;;; Amb-Eval input:
;;; Amb-Eval value:
(a c 3)

What values would have been displayed if we had used set! here rather than permanent-set! ?

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