4.1.2. Representing Expressions
Exercise 4.8

Named let

«Named let» is a variant of let that has the form

(let var bindings body)

The <bindings> and <body> are just as in ordinary let, except that <var> is bound within <body> to a procedure whose body is <body> and whose parameters are the variables in the <bindings>. Thus, one can repeatedly execute the <body> by invoking the procedure named <var>. For example, the iterative Fibonacci procedure (section 1.2.2) can be rewritten using named let as follows:

(define (fib n)
  (let fib-iter ((a 1)
                 (b 0)
                 (count n))
    (if (= count 0)
        (fib-iter (+ a b) a (- count 1)))))

Modify let->combination of exercise 4.6 to also support named let.

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